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Compostella 1for4 paper

Compostella 1for4 paper

Plastic-free Compostella 1 for 4 paper - ecological alternative to aluminium foil, baking paper & cling film ✔ fat-proof, wet strength ✔ 8m roll ▻ buy.

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Product information
Natural Alternative - Better for Health & Environment
With the compostable Compostella 1 for 4 paper, more environmental awareness has returned to the kitchen and household. The Compostella paper on the roll is very versatile. Use it as an alternative to aluminium foil and baking paper, as a replacement for cling film, and as a greaseproof paper for storing food. The good thing about it, Compostella paper is compostable in garden compost or in the green and brown bin. Consisting of 100% cellulose, the environmentally conscious alternative rots within approx. 14 days. More nature in the household!

Special features Compostella 1 for 4 paper
  • unbleached, without chemical additives
  • neutral in taste, no inherent odour
  • Compostable, 100% plastic-free
  • Wreeling edge without metal
  • BPA free, without silicones
  • greaseproof, wet-strength, food-safe
Plastic-free, without chemical additives
Compostella 1 for 4 paper, is produced as an ecological innovation in a small German paper mill. The unbleached, pure cellulose is pressed with hot steel rolls. This process produces a smooth, greaseproof paper, which is also heat-resistant and wet-strength. These are the best prerequisites for using Compostella paper as an alternative to aluminium foil, as wrapping paper for cheese and sausage storing without plastic.

Environmentally aware and high utility value in the household
Compostella 1 for 4 paper is produced from PEFC, FSC certified thinning wood and is guaranteed to be free of recycled paper. Due to the mechanical processing the end product is tasteless and odourless . Ideal for use with food.

Application Compostella Paper instead of aluminium foil
For baked potatoes without aluminium foil simply tear off a piece of Compostella 1 for 4 paper, moisten with water, squeeze out and wrap the potatoes individually in it. Then place in the oven as usual. Compostella Paper as Alternative to aluminium foil is also suitable for meat, fish and vegetables. Öko wrapping paper instead of cling film
To cover vessels, moisten the Compostella paper under the tap and soak it, squeeze it out, unfold it and stretch it over the respective vessel in a damp state. The moist Compostella Paper clings to bowls and containers during the drying process and protects the contents.   Statt plastic wrapping film
Use Compostella paper from the roll to wrap sausage, cheese, pastries, bread and snacks for the children. The added benefit is that food stays fresh longer. Compostella 1 for 4 paper is breathable, greaseproof, tasteless and odourless . Moulding of food is hardly possible with the plastic-free, breathable alternative. Compostella Papier has been awarded the Federal Prize EcoDesign 2018.

More environmentally friendly Compostella products you can get online at PureNature.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 38 cm x 8 m

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