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Kyocera Mandolin slicer with adjustable ceramic blade & finger guard

Indispensable kitchen utensil for vegetable & fruit lovers. The mandolin slicer Kyocera has a particularly sharp blade with which all kinds of vegetables, tubers & fruits can be planed. With 4-fold cutting thickness adjustment. Suitable for nickel allergy

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Product information
Adjustable vegetable slicer for fruit and vegetables
The mandolin slicer from Kyocera makes the preparation of raw food, wholefood, vegetarian and veganem child's play. The extremely sharp edge of zirconia ceramic glides easily through cucumbers, apples and even root vegetables. The vegetable slicer has four different cutting thicknesses to choose from. Whether you want to plane cucumbers, finely cut cabbage salad or pick your own beetroot, the Kyocera vegetable slicer makes preparation easy. The finger guard ensures that only fruit and vegetables are planed.

Kyocera Mandolin Slicer with Ceramic Blade
  • Very sharp cutting edge made of zirconia ceramic
  • Adjustable with 4 different cutting thicknesses
  • Extremely hard, corrosion-free cutting edge
  • Does not react with bases or acids
  • With finger protection for safe working
  • Suitable for nickel allergy sufferers
High-tech for the kitchen
The Kyocera mandolin slicer is suitable for nickel allergy sufferers because it is manufactured completely without metal. Zirconia ceramic is a high-tech material that has its origins in space technology. It is characterized by its extreme hardness, which is why it can be ground much sharper than comparable metal blades and remains sharp for much longer. As an adjustable vegetable slicer, it can do much more than just plane cucumbers. Whether you need thicker slices for homemade potato and vegetable chips or very finely chopped onion rings, the Kyocera vegetable slicer is just the right kitchen appliance.

You can find more slicers for vegetables, Kyocera kitchen utensils and cookware for nickel allergy sufferers in the PureNature Online Shop.
Weight: 110 g
Dimensions: 28 x 9 x 1 cm

synthetic materials, ceramic
Property Value
free from ohne Metall, ohne Nickel
properties bei Nickelallergie, bei Schwermetall Allergie
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