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Spice grater super-sharp & metal-free made of zirconia ceramics

Freshly grated spices give dishes a kick. Ginger & nutmeg grate, cinnamon sticks, garlic. Ceramic spice grater non-slip, dishwasher safe.

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    Hergestellt in Japan
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Product information
Spices freshly grated, the finesse for food
Professional and hobby chefs appreciate the Kyocera ceramic spice grater because of its sharpness and because it is metal-free. Grating nutmeg is quick and easy and nothing of the precious nutmeg gets stuck in the super-sharp ceramic tips. The taste-neutral zirconia ceramic does not absorb any aromas and is dishwasher-safe. You can use the ceramic grater for garlic, ginger, chocolate and citrus fruits without transferring taste or smell. Kyocera spice grater, suitable for grating:
  • muscat, cinnamon sticks, chocolate
  • ginger, galangale, lemon and orange
  • salt lumps, onions, garlic
Metal-free, for best development of the spice aroma
Give sauces a fine flavour with freshly grated spices. Zirconia ceramics have convincing advantages, which is why High-tech material is increasingly preferred by professional and hobby cooks for a spice grater: Ceramic is super-sharp, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, metal free and resistant to germs. A further advantage of the Kyocera professional quality is the silicone ring on the base, which ensures that the spice grater does not slide back and forth when rubbing hard galangal or ginger roots and nutmeg. Taste your dishes professionally and enjoy the full aroma, thanks to the metal-free ceramic spice grater. Tips from the professional kitchen:
Refine cappuccino with freshly grated cinnamon sticks or dark chocolate. Finely salt with a Himalayan salt chunk steak or carpaccio at the table with the ceramic spice grater.

Country of origin
  • Hergestellt in Japan
    Hergestellt in Japan
Dimensions: Ø 9 cm x 2 cm

zirconia ceramic, silicone
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