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Longdrink glass - French glasses in Fleur de Lys design

The La Rochere longdrink glass perfectly accentuates Cahipirinha & Mojito ✔ suitable for everyday use, stable &#dishwasher safe ✔ French glasses ▻ buy.

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  • Manufactured in FRANCE
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Product information
French glasses for long drinks
Welcome your guests with a long drink served in the La Rochere long drink glass. The unusual relief design with Fleur de Lys, the lily symbol, appears noble and underlines the colour of a Cuba Libre, Bloody Mary or Mai Tai. With its 300 ml capacity, the long drink glass is just the right size for a stimulating drink.

Long drink glasses suitable for everyday use
Cold drinks and long drinks with ice cubes stay cold for a long time in this unusual long drink glass. The French glasses are particularly practical for a cocktail party because the sturdy long drink glass is dishwasher-safe. Use the pretty La Rochere Fleur de Lys glass in everyday life for juice, ice tea or as an aesthetic, large water glass. Special features of the La Rochère long drink glass
  • La Rochere Fleur de Lys glasses series
  • Stable, thick-walled glass
  • Long drink stays cold for a long time
  • 300 ml Capacity
  • dishwasher safe
  • Made in France
drink Caipirinha, Mojito from the La Rochere long drink glass
The long drink glass is perfect for the cocktail classics Caipirinha and Mojito. With a twig of mint and limes, the cult drinks in the long drink glass with Fleur de Lys relief decor look very stylish. The slightly thicker glass thickness of the French glasses withstands the crushing of limes for a Caipirinha undamaged. The French glasses keep cocktails, long drinks and juice cold for a long time. Exactly the right long drink glass for your cocktail party, because Caipirinha and Mojito taste best ice-cold. In the PureNature Shop you will find, matching the long drink glass, more french glasses.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in FRANCE
    Manufactured in
Diameter: 8,5 cm
height: 13,8 cm
Weight: 400 g

Property Value
free from ohne Aluminium, ohne Kunststoffe, ohne Metall, ohne Nickel, ohne Phtalate
capacity 300 ml
properties bei Nickelallergie, bei Schwermetall Allergie, Spülmaschinenfest
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