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Römertopf grill tray without aluminium with grill knobs - Lafer Series

Healthy and tasty grilling with the grill tray without aluminum ✔ Roman pot Plancha in refractory clay - for oven, grill & microwave ▻ buy online.

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
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Product information
Round Plancha with grill knobs
Whether at the campfire or the grill party, the Römertopf grill tray without aluminium is exactly the right thing for grilling and serving seafood, vegetables and fruits. The reusable grill tray consists of fireproof clay for temperatures up to 900°C and allows an optimal, even heat distribution. You can prepare the food in the kitchen and then take it ready to the campfire or grill. The Plancha is the perfect grill tray for vegetables and wonderful for vegan dishes. Grilling with a grill tray is healthy and tasty because the juice of the food does not drip on the charcoal, there is no flaming and the vitamins are preserved. Enjoy the intense aromas that arise when grilling on a Plancha made of heat-storing clay ceramics.

Römertopf grill tray without aluminium from the Lafer series
  • Handmade Westerwald/Germany
  • Temperature resistant and dishwasher safe
  • suitable for all stoves except induction
  • For meat and fish dishes
  • Also for cakes, muffins and fruit
  • Without Nickel, PTFE and PFOA
  • Can be cleaned with stainless steel pad
If it rains or is cold
The Römertopf grill tray without aluminium was developed together with Johann Lafer and is treated with a black glaze on the outside and a transparent glaze on the inside. The heavy metal-free interior glaze is 100% food safe and brings out the natural colors of the clay so really beautiful. It doesn't matter if the weather suddenly changes and the barbecue evening takes place comfortably in the kitchen. The reusable grill tray, because no garbage arises and can be used on the hob, in the oven and even in the microwave. Serve directly in the BBQ Plancha. This makes grilling with a grill tray a culinary pleasure in any case, even during the cold season.

The Lafer BBQ Plancha with grill bar as well as many other Römertopf products can be found in the PureNature Online Shop.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Diameter: ca. 32,2 cm
height: ca. 3,5 cm

natural clay
Property Value
free from ohne Aluminium
upper (material) ohne Kunststoffe, ohne Metall, ohne Nickel, ohne Phtalate, ohne PTFE / PFOA
properties bei Schwermetall Allergie, for nickel allergy, Spülmaschinenfest
cooker type Backofen, Ceranfeld, Elektroherd, Grill, Mikrowelle
shape Rund
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