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Savon de Marseille soap without palm oil

Savon de Marseille soap without palm oil

Biodegradable Savon de Marseille soap ✔ Without palm oil, fragrance free ✔ EcoCert, Cosmos Natural certified ✔ Buy 300g cubes - La Corvette Marseille υ.

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Product information
Savon de Marseille without palm oil
The distinctive shape of the soap cube from France gave La Corvette Marseille soap its name. The attractive natural product is made from pure vegetable oils, according to old soap boiling tradition. Health-conscious and allergy sufferers appreciate the green Savon de Marseille soap because it is mild and consists of 72% olive oil. Your skin will be gently cleansed and nourished at the same time. If the 300 g olive oil soap Marseille soap cube is too large for the soap dish, the Corvette can be portioned with a knife or cheese wire cutter. The environmentally friendly natural soap is biodegradable.

Advantages of Savon de Marseille soap
  • 300 g soap cubes, vegan
  • 100% natural, made from 72% olive oil
  • Without palm oil, without fragrance
  • Organic, EcoCert, Cosmos Natural certified
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
  • For body care and as a cleaning agent
Savon de Marseille soap, the classic
The olive oil soap Marseille is an environmentally conscious natural product, which is produced entirely without dyes. The subtle inherent odor of the Savon de Marseille soap comes from the pure organic olive oil used, there are no fragrances added. Thus, the soap cube can be used in addition to the use for body care, for washing hands and hair, also as a household remedy for all sorts. You will notice after a short time, why the versatile soap cube is again increasingly popular in the household.

Fancy tips for using Savon de Marseille soap

Homemade shaving cream
Simple, inexpensive and kind to the skin, homemade shaving foam is made from Marseille olive oil soap
  • Rasp 250 g of Marseille soap
  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons sweet almond oil
Melt the grated olive oil soap with a little water. Add the two oils, which you can also get in the PureNature store, and mix. Your creamy, skin-friendly shaving foam is ready and can be poured into a Weck jar.

La Corvette Marseille Soap as a household helper
Don't fret about a sluggish drawer any longer! Take the cube Savon de Marseille soap and rub a few times over the sliding bar, it goes smoothly again. A household tip that has proven itself.

Further natural cosmetic soaps without fragrances you get online at PureNature.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in FRANCE
    Manufactured in
  • BDIH

sodium olivate (saponified olive oil), sodium cocoate, Aqua, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide
Property Value
skin type für jeden Hauttyp, Mischhaut, Männer Haut, normale Haut, reife Haut, sensible Haut, trockene Haut, unreine Haut
organic cosmetics Kontrollierte Naturkosmetik
need Reinigen
user Baby & Kind, Frau, Mann, Unisex
properties ohne Alkohol, ohne Benzoate, ohne Benzylalkohol, ohne Bienenwachs, ohne Carmin, ohne Duftstoffe, ohne Glycerin, ohne Hormone, ohne Kunststoffe, ohne Laktose, ohne Lanolin, ohne Mikroplastik, ohne Mineralöl, ohne Nanopartikel, ohne Palmöl, ohne Parabene, ohne Parfum, ohne PEG, ohne Pfefferminze, ohne Silikone, ohne Soja, ohne synthetische Emulgatoren, ohne Tierversuche, ohne Zinkoxide, ohne Zitronensäure, ohne ätherische Öle, Vegan
smell (odour) leichter Eigengeruch
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