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Aluminum Tape

Aluminum Tape

Aluminum Foil for taping. The Aluminum tape can be used to effectively reduce indoor pollutants.
5 cm wide x 100 m long.

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  • Manufactured in AUSTRIA
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Product information
Among other things the tape is to seal the cut surfaces of coated particle boards, drilled holes in cabinets and for sealing cracks and crevices where poisonous chemicals or odours may escape. Furthermore, the aluminum tape can be used in combination with the PureNature Aluminum Barrier Foil.

Note: The Aluminum tape does not provide 100% protection against solvents (VOCs) or other pollutants.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in AUSTRIA
    Manufactured in
total thickness: (DIN EN 1942) 0,065 mm
Dimensions: 5 cm breit x 100 m lang
heat resistance: +180 °C
Klebkraft: sehr hoch
workmanship: +5°C bis +40° C
temperature range: -40 °C bis +140 °C

aluminum, polyacrylate adhesive
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