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black+blum Binchotan charcoal in pack of 4 for freshly filtered water

Eau Good Binchotan charcoal naturally filters tap water in drinking bottles & improves taste. Activated Carbon Replacement Filter Savings Set ▻ kaufen.

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  • Hergestellt in Japan
    Hergestellt in Japan
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Product information
For a naturally good taste
The Original Eau Good Binchotan charcoal from black+blum filters chlorine and impurities from the water. The porous water filter charcoal attracts and holds dirt. After just one hour you can taste a difference and after four to eight hours the water is filtered. Valuable minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium are left in the water. Enjoy the pure taste of natural water. The Eau Good activated carbon fits in all black and blum water bottles and the Eau Good carafe. black+blum Binchotan with sustainably produced wood
  • Simple to use and compostable
  • 4 pieces activated carbon for max 2 years stock
  • Valuable minerals remain in the water
  • Environmentally friendly and without plastic
  • Filters pollutants & chlorine
  • Improves the taste of the water
Water filter for drinking bottles & decanters - without plastic
After about three months, the Black + Blum Binchotan charcoal for drinking bottles should be regenerated. Boil the charcoal stick in water for 10 minutes, then the activated charcoal is recharged. After a total of 6 months you can use the used charcoal filter for barbecuing, use it as a grated flower fertilizer or simply compost it. Activated charcoal water treatment without plastic could not be more environmentally friendly.

Allergy info
Binchotan contains no allergens and is therefore ideal for allergy sufferers.
Country of origin
  • Hergestellt in Japan
    Hergestellt in Japan

Binchotan Aktivkohle aus Eichenholz
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