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Blueair Classic 505 - Air Purifier with Carbon and HEPA Filter
Blueair Classic 505 - Air Purifier with Carbon and HEPA Filter
Blueair Classic 505 - Air Purifier with Carbon and HEPA Filter
Blueair Classic 505 - Air Purifier with Carbon and HEPA Filter
Blueair Classic 505 - Air Purifier with Carbon and HEPA Filter
Blueair Classic 505 - Air Purifier with Carbon and HEPA Filter
Blueair Classic 505 - Air Purifier with Carbon and HEPA Filter

Blueair Classic 505 - Air Purifier with Carbon and HEPA Filter

The Blueair Classic 505 filters up to 65m2 of indoor air. Air purifier for formaldehyde, smoke, mould, pollens & particles ✔ Operated manually or via App ✔

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available from 29.01.2021


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Product information
Clean air through innovative Swedish technology
Increasing air pollution, especially through particulates and a steady rise of numbers of people with allergies, requires modern solutions. Clean the air of your home or office with the Blueair Classic 505 and remove particulates, pollens, mould, dust mites and volatile chemicals. Now with user friendly LED display and touch sensor switch for manual operation and the Blueair Friend App can be used on a smartphone. The Blueair air purifier has an appealing Scandinavian design and filters air quietly and energy efficiently. On its lowest setting the quiet air purifier requires only 15 watts.

Efficient solution for indoor pollution
Allergens, particulates and home pollutants can cause a multitude of health issues. Use the Blueair Classic to minimize VOCs and formaldehyde exposure which are often given off by furniture and carpets. The patented Blueair SurroundAir system with activated carbon and HEPA removes formaldehyde up to 98% per hour from indoor air. 99.97% of bacteria, viruses, pollens and particulates larger than 0.1µm will be also removed by the air purifier with HEPA filter. The Blueair air purifier puts minds at rest and means security for health-conscious people and asthma and allergy sufferers by providing reliably home air quality which is free of pollutants.

The highlights of Blueair Classic 505
  • Innovation: can be controlled by Blueair Friend App
  • HEPA and activated carbon air purifier
  • Blueair SurroundAir system
  • Air purifier for bedroom with 32 db(A)
  • Filters room air 5 times per hour, without ozone
  • AHAM certified, top CADR rating
  • EnergyStar, energy usage on setting 1 is 15 watts

The technical evolution that won
The consumer protection agency in Shanghai nominated the Blueair 505 the winner of an independently conducted air purifier test. The popular Classic 500 series has become even more efficient through new technological advancements. Where its predecessor filtered up to 54m², the Blueair 505 will clean the air of rooms up to 65m². A further innovation: the air purifier with HEPA filter and activated carbon can be controlled on a smartphone via the Blueair Friends App.

Air quality check and regulation of air filtration
The new Swedish technology gives you consistent control over the home air quality. You can operate the Blueair 505 Classicat all times and in all places. Alternatively the Blueair Aware monitor, which is also available from the PureNature online shop, can make an air quality check for you and take over the operating of the Blueair air purifier. With the Blueair Classic 505 you can always breathe clean air when you come home or go to your office.

Easy to change filters
The Blueair Classic is an activated carbon air purifier complete with true HEPA filter. The patented filter combination consisting of a SmokeStop for volatile chemicals and a HepaSilent for particulates should be exchanged every 6 months. The changing of filters takes less than 3 minutes and requires no tools.

Buy Blueair air purifier online from a specialist retailer
If you want to know more or have any queries, we are happy to help. We can advise you according to your personal circumstances and requirements. Our PureNature expert advisors will find tailored solutions to your indoor air problems.

Dimensions: 66 x 50 x 34 cm
Weight: 16 kg
Room size: bis 65 m²
Housing: Metall
air outlet: oben & seitlich
air intake: Boden & seitlich
General Data
Filter change: 6 Monate
prefilter: ja
filter number: 3
total separation efficiency: 99,97% >0,1 Mikron
Activated Carbon Filter: ja
CADR pollen: 765 m³/h
CADR smoke: 765 m³/h
CADR dust: 680 m³/h
Filter fineness: 0,1 Mikron
filter change indicator: ja
HEPA filter: ja
remote control: nein
air quality sensor: nein
Airflow: 255 - 467,5 - 884 m³/h max.
energy consumption: 15 - 65 - 105 W
power control: manuell, Smartphone
Volume level 2: 32 - 44 - 62 db(A)
handsets: 3
Volts: 230 V
Smartphone Steuerung: ja (Blueair Friend App)
day- / night mode: ja
child safety lock: ja (Blueair Friend App)
timer: ja (Blueair Friend App)
WLAN-fähig: ja
casters: ja

Property Value
filter technology prefilter / HEPA / activated carbon
room size larger than 50 m²
filtering purpose , ammonia, animal hair & hair, bacteria, dust mites / - droppings, Feinstaub, Formaldehyd, gasses (VOC), harmful substances, house dust, liquid manure, moulds, odours (toilette, kitchen), ozone, particle, pet dander, pollen, smoke, solvent, toluol, benzene, Tabakrauch, tobacco smoke, toner dust, viruses
no filtering of CO2
operation site beauty salon, bedroom, cellar, children's room, home, hotel room, loft, open staircase, gallery, manicure salon, office, restaurant, smoking room, surgery, clinic, waiting room
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