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Eco Cosmetics Mouthwash without Fluoride with Black Cumin

Gentle mouthwash without fluoride for the care of the mouth ✔ Natural ingredients from organic cultivation ensure a healthy mouth flora ✔

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50ml (€11.90 / 100 ml)

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
Natural mouthwash to supplement dental care
Eco Cosmetics mouthwash without fluoride is made with natural ingredients. Black cumin, also called Nigella Sativa, is one of the main ingredients and a small miracle of nature. It is known for its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, Eco Cosmetics Mouthwash also contains ingredients such as bisabolol and echinacea, which can also contribute in a completely natural way to keeping the mouth healthy. Sage and carbon provide for good taste and fresh breath.

Eco Cosmetics mouthwash without fluoride at a glance
  • Sustainable and produced without animal testing
  • With sage and carbon for fresh breath
  • Homoeopathy compatible mouthwash
  • With black cumin, bisabolol and echinacea
  • Controlled biological and vegan
  • Without paraffins, PEGs, SLS and parabens
Fresh breath with the sage mouthwash
Unlike conventional mouthwashes, mouthwash without fluoride has many positive properties. Where the toothbrush does not go well, the Salvia mouthwash can penetrate into the smallest gaps. Bisabolol is a component that is also contained in chamomile and gives the plant its soothing effect. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in black cumin oil can be helpful in gum problems. Despite all this it remains a Homoeopathy compatible mouthwash. It gives fresh breath and supplements tooth brushing with a toothbrush. As a natural mouthwash it contains ingredients from controlled organic cultivation and is sustainably produced. Use organic oral care that only combines the very best in itself.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in

alcohol, Aqua, nigella sativa (black cumin oil), sorbitol, salvia officinalis, echinacea purprea, carvone, glycerine, xylitol, Bisabolol
Property Value
organic cosmetics yes
user man, unisex, woman
properties vegan, without animal testing, without artificial colourings, without beeswax, without benzoate, without benzyl alcohol, without citric acid, without essential oils, without fluoride, without fragrances, without hormones, without lactose, without lanolin, without micro beads, without mineral oil, without nanoparticles, without palm oil, without parabens, without PEG, without peppermint, without perfume, without silicone, without soya, without zinc oxides
smell (odour) mild inherent odour
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