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Ginger grater ceramic: extra sharp non-slip ceramic grater

Japanese ginger grater non-slip due to silicone ring on underside. Hightech Zirkona ceramic ✔ 16 cm - Best fruit and vegetable grater for baby food.

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  • Hergestellt in Japan
    Hergestellt in Japan
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Product information
Kyocera ceramic grater: Developed by professionals
Fresh ginger can be rubbed in no time at all and fibre-free with the professional ginger grater ceramic from Kyocera. The extremely sharp friction teeth have no problem even with a hard ginger root. The universal Japanese kitchen aid is made of zirconia ceramic. The high-tech material from space technology is robust and almost as hard as diamond. The ginger grater grinds ceramics , horseradish, fruit, vegetables or lemon peel accordingly finely. Professional chefs appreciate the sharpness of the material and its neutral taste. In addition, zirconia ceramic is resistant to germs and easy to clean.

Advantages of Kyocera ceramic ginger grater
  • Japanese professional quality
  • From zirconia ceramic
  • Metal-free, germ resistant
  • Ceramic friction non-slip due to silicone ring
  • usable as a fine fruit and vegetable grater
  • Ideal for the preparation of baby food
Fine puree without foreign taste
With the Kyocera ceramic grater you grate ginger, fruit and vegetables completely metal-free, so the taste and vitamin content is preserved during processing. As an apple grater or for the preparation of carrots for baby food, the Kyocera ceramic grater is a kitchen helper that you won't want to miss anymore. The result is a fine, delicate puree, even with fibrous ginger root. Fruit and vegetable fibres remain in the sharp friction teeth and can be easily removed with the supplied brush. Nothing gets stuck between the ceramic tips. The pulp and the juice run into a deep groove and can be portioned through the spout of the ceramic grater.

Extremely practical: The slip resistance of the Japanese ginger grater, through an embedded silicone ring on the underside.

> You can find more metal-free ceramic kitchen helpers online at PureNature.

Country of origin
  • Hergestellt in Japan
    Hergestellt in Japan
Dimensions: Ø 16 cm x 3 cm

zirconia ceramic, silicone
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