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Glass-Ceramic Casserole Dish 2.5 liter
Glass-Ceramic Casserole Dish 2.5 liter

Glass-Ceramic Casserole Dish 2.5 liter

The Glass Ceramic Casserole is ideal for warming liquids, as well as cooking vegetables, rice, porridge, warming up left-overs, etc.

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Product information
The Vision cookware made of transparent glass-ceramic takes on no residues or odours and contains no heavy metals such as nickel or chrome. Over-cooking no longer exists because you can see what you are doing. The pots hold out extreme heat, where other traditional metal pots would deform. The heat-saving material needs much less heat than normal pots and you save energy.

The glass-ceramic pots are especially recommended for people with allergies, people with heavy metal poisoning, MCS or electrical sensitivity. Health-conscious people will be delighted by the possibility of low-fat cooking and frying due to the particularly smooth and non-porous surface.

There are no heavy metals or glazes used, so it is not possible for acids or sharp utensils to trigger off any toxic agents.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in FRANCE
    Manufactured in
length: 20,6 cm
Weight: 1,98 kg
capacity: 2,5 Liter
included in delivery: 1 Kasserolle mit 1 Glasdeckel
Width with handle: 37,1 cm
height with lid: 16,7 cm
bottom: Ø 15,0 cm
width: 20,6 cm
height: 10,5 cm

glass ceramics
Property Value
free from without chrome, without coating, without Nano particles, without nickel, without phthalate, without plastic, without PTFE / PFOA
type of pot all purpose pots, pasta pots, soup pot, Stieltöpfe / Kasserollen
colour yellow
material of pots glass
properties classic, dishwasher-proof, for heavy metal allergy, for nickel allergy, modern, with lid
cooker type ceramic glass hob field, electric cooker, gas cooker, microwave, oven
shape round
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