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PureNature MCS Mask - Cotton with Activated Charcoal Filter

PureNature MCS mask for Chemical Sensitivity & allergy sufferers. Handmade from cotton with activated charcoal filter ✔ Provides reliable odour protection ✔

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Product information
Allergy face mask for MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
The MCS mask offers respiratory protection for people who suffer from chemical sensitivity and who react to small doses of everyday chemicals. The PureNature respirator face mask has a pleasant lightweight feel. The masks for chemical sensitivity provide daily protection from odours, exhaust fumes, mould spores, pollens and fragrances.

Advantages of the PureNature MCS mask
  • Produced especially for people with Chemical Sensitivity
  • Materials chosen according to strictest criteria
  • Made from washable, organic cotton
  • Medical grade activated charcoal used for filter
  • Proven quality for more than 2 decades
  • Produced under controlled environmental conditions

Exchangeable activated charcoal filter
The allergy face mask is equipped with a removable activated charcoal filter. The filter material consists of medical grade charcoal made from coconut shells. This particularly pure activated charcoal has proven to be very efficient in filtering odours and chemicals and is especially well tolerated. The MCS mask is produced with great care by a company who, for decades, supplies clinics who specialise in environmental diseases.

Protection for people with allergies
The face mask design reflects the needs of allergy sufferers. The elasticated straps of the Chemical Sensitivity mask are produced from special odourless cotton elastics. People who are allergic to rubber do not have skin contact. The thread used for the masks for chemical sensitivity is made from 100% pure cotton. That guarantees the longevity and durability of the seams.

Special manufacturing, increased protection for MCS sufferers
A former nurse produces the masks for chemical sensitivity under controlled environmental conditions. Several air purifiers are filtering the air of the production rooms day and night. The producer herself suffers from Chemical Sensitivity and is very familiar with all the aspects of this issue. Throughout the company the use of fragrances and chemicals is strictly prohibited. All materials are chosen according to the strictest criteria.

For more than 30 years the producer is receiving the organic cotton from the same supplier. The company guarantees not to use any pesticides or other chemicals in the production and storage facilities.

Fitting the facial features
The malleable metal nose strip is made from aluminium and can be adapted to fit tightly around the bridge of the nose. The metal nose strip is incorporated into the mask and has no skin contact.

Caring for your Chemical Sensitivity mask
Wash the MCS mask by hand. Use a mild washing detergent which is free from harmful chemicals and fragrances and according to your needs.

The activated charcoal filter inside the mask is not washable. Please remove the filter from the cotton cover before washing. Let the cotton cover dry in the air or on a heater. Do not tumble dry.

Filter with medical grade activated charcoal
The activated charcoal filter offers protection for 2 to 4 months. The length of the effective protection period of the MCS respirator face mask is conditional on the type and duration of usage and can be longer or shorter accordingly. The filter is exchangeable and replacement filters are available from the PureNature online shop. A pre-filter made from cotton gives additional protection and is placed in front of the activated charcoal filter. The pre-filter has the additional protective function of holding the activated charcoal dust in place if the mask has been transported improperly.

Storing the Chemical Sensitivity mask
The respirator face mask is a hygiene product and lasts longer when treated carefully. Please do not pocket your allergy face mask without appropriate cover. The careful safekeeping prolongs the lifespan of the activated charcoal filter. Wrap the MCS mask in aluminium foil or store in a jar with lid. Cellophane bags made from pure cellophane are suitable as well. Most other plastic bags are not suitable as they give off chemicals and phthalates.

Please note
The MCS mask is a hygiene product and are non-returnable. Do not use as work or dust mask.

If you have any queries regarding this product or require special sizes such as S and XL please get in touch with our PureNature allergy service. For people with cotton intolerance a mask of silk is available on request.

Important: The masks may not be returned or exchanged.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in USA
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 14 x 11,5 cm
Color: natur und farbig
General Data
Activated carbon: ja
exhalation valve: nein
filter material: Aktivkohle aus Kokosnussschalen
protection level particles: keine Partikelfilterung

cotton, activated charcoal from coconut shells, aluminum, natural rubber
Property Value
respiratory mask types odour filter mask
range of application in transit & travel, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)
no filtering of bacteria, CO2, hazardous substance, viruses
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