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Neck support pillow recommended for side sleepers & back sleepers

Relax while you sleep with the 34 x 65 cm neck support cushion, which supports & relieves your spine orthopaedically and correctly.

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  • Manufactured in AUSTRIA
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Product information
Ideal for allergy sufferers, relaxing for all. From the neck support pillow - made in Austria. Enjoy a restful sleep with the physiologically shaped neck support pillow made of natural latex. Your spine is optimally relieved and the correct sleeping position is supported.
The Tencel® cover is soft and fluffy, breathable and supports the soothing effect of the pillow. Tencel® has unsurpassed properties: this wood cellulose fibre absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton and releases it quickly. Especially advantageous if you tend to sweat more. Tencel® is produced in an environmentally friendly way and is obtained from sustainable forestry. All in all, considerably less chemicals are used in the production of the Lyocell fibers that make up Tencel®, and water consumption is also much lower.

Tencel® feels wonderful on the skin soft and much smoother than cotton. This makes Tencel® an unsurpassed fiber for people with sensitive skin and a tendency to irritation. The University Hospital of Heidelberg has investigated and confirmed the excellent skin-friendliness of Tencel®.

The natural latex for the pillow is obtained 100% from the milk of the rubber tree. No chemical substances are added. This makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.

For whom is the neck support pillow made of natural latex particularly recommended?

  • Allergy sufferers benefit from the compatible natural materials
  • The advantages of the natural latex neck support pillow are especially enjoyed by side and back sleepers: The rotational movements of side sleepers are gently counteracted during sleep: The neck support cushion ensures that the spine remains as straight as possible, compensating for spinal column rotations and relieving strain on the cervical spine. Backsleepers, on the other hand, move little: Here the pillow supports and helps to keep the head and spine in the straight position. Pressure is reduced and you sleep well.
  • The neck muscles are relaxed, you wake up fresh, rested and painless!

  • The material:

  • cover: 49% Tencel, 33% PA, 18% PES, colour: champagne, with zip, unstitched
  • filling: ergonomically preformed cushion core made of pure natural latex with inner cover
  • Recommended for allergy sufferers
  • Washability: Cover: 60°C Gentle wash, suitable for tumble dryer, Core: not washable
  • measurements: 34 x 65 x approx. 8.5 cm
  • Space weight: 58 kg / m3
  • Country of origin
    • Manufactured in AUSTRIA
      Manufactured in

    Lyocell, polyamide, latex
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