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Our Story

The success story of PureNature- from the beginnings until today

PureNature is a family led company which specialises in selling naturally and sustainably produced products.
In the following we have summarised for you in a timeline how we became specialists for products that support sustainable living and can help allergy sufferers.



Katalog- Cover 1996

PureNature was founded by siblings Silvia and Klaus Müller who still own the company today. The mail order service was created because Silvia herself was affected some years previously when she contracted an illness which caused her to develop several allergies. Silvia and her brother Klaus began to source everyday products suitable for allergy sufferers. They became so good in what they were doing that they were approached by others who were also looking for allergen free items for daily life.


Katalog- Cover 1997

The first catalogue consisted of 8 photocopied pages. The product range focused primarily on items suitable for the needs of people who were ill due to pollution and environmental toxins.


Katalog-Cover 1998

After a successful start the private rooms of their house became too small and so they moved into the empty house of their grandparents which offered the necessary space for the expansion.


Katalog-Cover 1999

8000 copies of the first printed catalogue went out to customers. Now with 50 pages, the catalogue offered a substantial range of products for the needs of allergy sufferers and their related illnesses.


Katalog-Cover 2000

The first four colour print catalogue was released. With it we also changed the layout with the presentation becoming clearer and more informative.


Katalog-Cover 2001

Launch of the PureNature website with a Forum, plenty of product information and facts and tips regarding the topic of allergies.


Katalog-Cover 2003

In this year the website saw many improvements such as the option to refine searches with allergy and tolerance search filters and the possibility to print out personalised shopping lists for special dietary needs


Katalog-Cover 2004

Our product range reached 1500 items and our Forum had more than 5000 entries written by interested users.


Katalog-Cover 2005

The website had a facelift and even more new features were added.


Katalog-Cover 2006

The 10th anniversary saw us move into our brand new company building in Idar-Oberstein. We celebrated the anniversary with an Allergy’s Day. The catalogue had grown to 150 pages by then.


Katalog-Cover 2007

Plenty of new features were made to the website: the restaurant translation cards for allergy sufferers, a Blog, an option to browse the printed catalogue online to name a few. We also took measures to minimise our carbon footprint and to increase sustainability by using a climate neutral delivery service for instance.


Katalog-Cover 2008

We launched a completely new website with 2500 items. Shopping with PureNature became quicker and easier, more comfortable, more secure and more fun. Climate neutral electricity now powers the PureNature company headquarters.


Katalog-Cover 2009

Metal-free solid wood beds and furniture which have been developed by PureNature for the needs of allergy sufferers and electro sensitive people were added to our range.


Katalog-Cover 2010

PureNature branched out internationally and added an Austrian and UK online shop.


Katalog-Cover 2011

The Spanish PureNature online shop was launched in the Spring of that year. The product range was increased further to 3000 products. PureNature was certified by Trusted Shops.


Katalog-Cover 2012

In the summer of that year a newly developed shop concept was launched in all countries. New features were added making shopping even easier.


Katalog-Cover 2013

Our warehouse capacity was increased by 30% to cope with the ever-increasing stock.


Katalog-Cover 2014

German produced upholstery and mattresses for allergy sufferers were added to our product range.


Katalog-Cover 2015

4000 items now feature in our PureNature catalogue and the product range is still growing.


Katalog-Cover 2016

We looked back on 20 years of PureNature. Our 20th anniversary was celebrated in style by promotions and campaigns. Our visions and values are summed up in four words:

Natural. Sustainable. Healthy Living


Katalog-Cover 2017

This year is dominated by a new PureNature website. After more than 2 years of development the new online shop is more modern and streamlined. The shop is now also easily accessible via smartphone and tablet and ordering online becomes yet again easier.