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Pure Nature Lime for cleaning and polishing

PureNature lime is an indispenable product for cleaning and polishing. 100% natural product for the entire household.

available from 23.08.2019

500g (€1.39 / 100 g)

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
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Product information
Viennese lime Ingredients
The plaster and polishing agent Wiener Kalk without chemical additives consists of 100% calcium magnesium carbonate and is made of dolomite stone. The environmentally friendly household remedy for cleaning and cleaning in the entire household has proven its worth for generations.

Wiener lime Advantages
  • * Free from fragrances and preservatives
  • * Without Chemicals & Alcohol
  • * Without surfactants
  • * Without palm oil
  • * 100% biodegradable
  • * Effortlessly cleans all smooth surfaces

  • Viennese lime Application
    Simply sprinkle a damp cloth with Viennese lime powder and you can marvel at the fantastic effect especially on sensitive surfaces. Then rinse the surface with clear water and dry it off. Finally, you should "polish" the surface with a soft cloth. Wiener lime Fields of application
    Wiener Kalk shows its full power on metal surfaces such as stainless steel, precious metals, silver, copper and brass. Glass surfaces, ceramics, enamel, porcelain, glass ceramic hobs, lacquered surfaces, plastics, wood-burning stoves, sinks, garden furniture, tiles, washbasins, bathtubs and much more become shiny and clean in an instant.
    Especially stubborn soiling can be removed in no time at all.

    Viennese lime is so fine it leaves no scratches.

    Translated with
    Country of origin
    • Manufactured in GERMANY
      Manufactured in

    Property Value
    application bathroom & toilette cleaner, ceramic cleaner, glass & mirror cleaner, kitchen cleaner, metal care, plastic cleaner, shower cleaner, special cleaner
    ingredients without alcohol, without alcohol, without chlorine, without colourings, without EDTA, without enzymes, without fragrances, without genetic technology, without palm oil, without phosphate, without preservatives
    properties without animal testing
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