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Quattro Stagioni Jam Jars with Lids - Twist Off Vacuum Sealed

Decorative jam jars with lids made by Bormioli Rocco. Robust glass and available in different sizes ❀ For preserving and airtight storing ❀

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  • Manufactured in ITALY
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Product information
The Quattro Stagioni glass jars for preserves, jam and marmalade
The iconic Bormioli Rocco jars are the perfect vessels for your homemade jam or preservatives. The 250ml jam jars are the right size for chutneys and marmalade. The larger 1.5 litre and the 1 litre preserving jars are great for pickles or canning fruit and vegetables. The jam jars with lids close airtight. The twist off metal lids are stain and rust free and create a vacuum keeping your preserves fresh and delicious. The Bormioli Rocco jars are available individually in four sizes.

The perfect homemade gift
A bas-relief decorates the sides of the jars for preserves. A rustic countryside motif and the words 'four seasons' in Italian language give the Quattro Stagioni glass jars their lovely appearance. Use the beautiful Italian glass jars to turn your homemade jam and chutneys into presents for friends and loved ones.

Quattro Stagioni jam jars with lids
  • Leak-proof and have an airtight seal
  • Robust and resistant to heat
  • Twist off lid creates a vacuum and does not rust
  • Dishwasher proof except lid
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Replacement lids are available

The many uses for the Bormioli Rocco jars
Besides the classic use for preserves and jams, there are many more applications for the jam jars with lids They close hermetically and are free from harmful chemicals so they are the perfect container to store items that need to be protected from contamination. People with chemical sensitivity for example find them useful to store their MCS masks. No other jars are upcycled in so many different ways and with so much creativity as these Italian glass jars. The pretty exterior of the Quattro Stagioni jars makes them decorative items just as much as very useful storage containers for all kinds of things.

More Quattro Stagioni jars and bottles in different sizes as well as spare lids are available from the PureNature online shop.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in ITALY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: Ø 10 x 17,2 cm (1000 ml)
MAßE 2: Ø 8 x 9,5 cm (250 ml)
Dimensions: Ø 11 x 21 cm (1500 ml)
MAßE 3: Ø 8,5 x 13,7 cm (500 ml)

glass, metal
FAQ`s (2)
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  • Einfrieren
    Ist das Glas auch zum einfrieren geeignet?
    Sie können mit dem Glas auch einfrieren. Bedenken Sie bitte, dass der Inhalt sich beim Frieren ausdehnt und füllen Sie die Gläser nicht ganz voll. 
    Viele Grüße, Ihr PureNature Team
  • Motten
    Sind die Schraubverschluss-Gläser geeignet, um den Inhalt vor Mottenbefall zu schützen
    da die Quattro Stagioni Gläser über Twist off Decken verfügen, schließen sie absolut dicht. 
    Mehlmotten u.ä. haben keine Chance.
    Viele Grüße, Ihr PureNature Team 
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