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Safecoat Grout Sealer

Grout Sealer is a clear, moisture resistant sealer for porous tile grout and other cementitious surfaces.

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950ml (€4.10 / 100 ml)

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Product information
It actually reacts with and becomes a part of the grout, increasing water resistance and minimising the penetration of liquids, helping to prevent staining and giving a wearable, washable surface.

It can be used on any porous cement or mineral containing stone surface. It is not suitable for polished surfaces.

Like all Safecoat products, it is as safe and non-toxic as possible, formaldehyde-free and virtually odourless, giving off no offensive chemical fumes. Dries clear without discolouration. Grout seal is water-based and contains no solvents. It is based on alkali silicate and potassium. Safe even for the chemically sensitive.

Coverage: Variable depending on method of application and surface porosity. Generally 950 ml will cover a minimum of 100 feet of standard grout lines. Do not thin. 0.95 liter

potassium silicon, Aqua
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    Danke :)
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