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Shoe storage box - 10 pairs of shoes space-saving stow away

Stow your shoes neatly in the practical shoe storage box. Inside 10 fabric compartments ✔ natural cotton, white - with zip ✔

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Product information
Store shoes tidy
The shoe storage box made of cotton fabric protects the contents from dust and dirt all year round. Besides creating order, it always makes a good impression, because it is washable at 60°C . Stow your shoes space-saving or store them depending upon season on the memory or in the cellar. With a height of 16 cm, the underblanket shoe box in a single apartment becomes a real problem solver. The shoe storage box made of natural, white canvas fabric made of pure cotton, offers space for 10 pairs of shoes. For perfect order, each pair is separated from the next with a partition wall. shoe storage box made of fabric
  • Dimensions: 70x60x16 cm
  • With large zipper going over 3 sides
  • Place for 10 pairs of shoes, divided in pairs
  • suitable as underblanket shoe box
  • Completely made of natural cotton fabric
  • Washable at 60°C

Practical, always clean and space-saving
The natural white box for storing shoes is the solution especially if you have a family or many favourite shoes. If it is used as a underbed shoe box , a stable fabric handle helps to pull it out under the bed. Another advantage is that it can easily be opened with a zipper and takes up little space.

10 pairs of shoes easy to store!
Let the canvas fabric box disappear under the bed or stack several shoe storage boxes on top of each other in the basement. Nothing gets musty because the natural cotton lets your shoes breathe and protects them from dust at the same time.

Dimensions: ca. 70 x 60 x 16 cm

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