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WECK tumblers cheap - 6 tumblers 370 ml in a box

Create supply - 6 Weck tumblers with lid. Alarm clock jars 370 ml, round rim 100. heat resistant, also for oven ✔ Jetzt ▻ kaufen.

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Product information

Weck tumblers in gastronomy quality

The original WECK tumblers with lids can withstand a bit, which is why they are used daily in households and in gastronomy. The thick-walled warming jars are heat-resistant, which allows them to be used in ovens and microwave ovens. When preparing for a buffet with a larger number of desserts in the jar, stackable turntops with lids prove to be practical. The 370 ml size is ideal for a wide range of applications and can also be stored in large numbers in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Original WECK tumblers with cover

  • Weckgläser 370 ml Capacity
  • Heat resistant for oven and microwave
  • For preserving, freezing, sterilizing
  • Nice size for decoration in glass
  • round edge 100 with cover
  • Savings set: cardboard with 6 glasses
Table decoration, buffet decoration or stylish lantern
Wecker glasses for decorating purposes other than those for which they are intended are a trend that has established itself in the private sector and in gastronomy. Use the WECK lintel glasses for decorating. The attractive shape of the glasses with lid always inspires anew to unusual decoration ideas.

Ingenious, the lintel shape and space-saving to stock up
Originally, the conical shape was developed so that the content can easily be dropped from the WECK glass. However, professional chefs prefer the lintel shape not least because of the space-saving storage. Use the Weckgläser 370 ml therefore also quite classically to make apple compote and for homemade jam. The WECK lintel jars can be safely stacked, so it is worth ordering them cheaply in the stock pack.

You can discover further selections in the Weck Shop at PureNature.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 370 ml, H 6,9 cm, Ø 10 cm

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