Visions Pans Glass Cooking Dish - Spouted 1L Saucepan & Lid

Perfect for sauces and gravy. Cooking and serving in one glass cooking dish ❀ Also great saucepan size for single servings or reheating smaller portions ✔

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Product information
Cooking and serving in one
The visions 1L saucepan has the perfect size for gravy, sauces and sides. Smaller amounts of food tend especially to cool faster. The beautiful amber glass is heat retaining which makes the glass cooking dish perfectly suited for serving. The saucepan with spout and lid keeps your food warm and makes serving liquids easy. The heat retaining properties are also the reason why cooking with the glass cooking pan is energy saving in comparison with conventional metal cookware. The glass can withstand extreme temperature differences. Leftovers can be kept in the pan and stored in fridge or freezer and then heated up in the same dish without defrosting first.

Visions versatile glass cooking dish with lid
  • 1L saucepan with spout
  • Thermal shockproof glass
  • Suitable for all hob types except induction
  • Perfect size for single servings or sides
  • Dishwasher- and ovenproof
  • Heat retaining and energy saving

The perfect tool for a healthy diet
Steamed, stewed and low fat dishes cook particularly well in the Visions glass saucepans. The glass cooking dish heats up quickly and shortens cooking time so vegetables retain more vitamins. The non-porous glass is transparent which allows you to control the cooking process. Not overcooking food becomes easier with the Visions 1L saucepan. Food is tastier too; the glass cooking pan does not give off tastes or takes on any odours. It's hard, robust surface makes it difficult for food residue to stick so it is easier to clean as well.

Tip: Stubborn food residue comes off easily if you soak the dish with some detergent. The use of rough and abrasive cleaning tools, as well as the use of any metal kitchen utensils, is not advisable as this could damage the surface.

More Visions glass saucepans and cookware are available from the PureNature online store.

length: 15,3 cm
Weight: 1,06 kg
capacity: 1 Liter
included in delivery: 1 Stielkasserolle mit 1 Glasdeckel
Width with handle: 27,9 cm
height with lid: 14,0 cm
bottom: Ø 11,5 cm
width: 15,3 cm
height: 8,9 cm

glass ceramics
Property Value
free from without chrome, without coating, without Nano particles, without nickel, without phthalate, without plastic, without PTFE / PFOA
type of pot all purpose pots, pasta pots, soup pot
colour yellow
material of pots glass
properties classic, dishwasher-proof, for heavy metal allergy, for nickel allergy, modern, with lid
cooker type ceramic glass hob field, electric cooker, gas cooker, microwave, oven
shape round
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