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Visions Pans - Set of Spouted Glass Saucepan & Pot with Lids
Visions Pans - Set of Spouted Glass Saucepan & Pot with Lids

Visions Pans - Set of Spouted Glass Saucepan & Pot with Lids

Versatile glass cookware set consisting of a 2.25L casserole dish & 1L saucepan plus a plastic lid for storing foods ❀ Ovenproof & suitable for all hobs ✔

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  • Manufactured in FRANCE
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Product information
One glass cookware set for so many purposes
The Visions glass pot set is popular for its multifunctional uses and it consists of a 1L saucepan and a 2.25L casserole dish and matching glass lids. Also included is a plastic lid for easy storing of food in the casserole dish. Because the Visions pans are thermal shockproof, leftovers or ready prepared meals can be kept in fridge or freezer until needed. They can then also be reheated in the borosilicate glass cookware which retains its shape to maintain perfect contact with the hob at all times. The transparent amber glass allows control over the cooking process and without lifting the lid you can see when it is time to turn heat up or down.

Visions pans glass cookware set
  • Perfect size for single households
  • Great for making sauces and gravy
  • Suitable for storage, serving & cooking
  • Non-porous surface for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for all hob types & ovenproof
  • Heat-retaining and energy saving

The benefits of cooking with glass
Glass pots and pans for cooking are a great choice for nickel allergy sufferers and people with MCS (Chemical Sensitivity). With the Visions glass pot set you can be certain that acids and alkalis which are naturally occurring in food do not react with the cookware material and that no chemicals are given off into the dish. The strong non-porous surface also makes for easy cleaning of the dishwasher proof borosilicate glass cookware.

How to look after your Visions cookware?
Glass pots and pans for cooking are generally easy to clean as the non-porous service offers very little hold for food residue. It is recommended to use a little oil or water at the beginning of the cooking process. Use wooden or plastic cooking utensils as metal could damage the surface. Should something really stick to the bottom of the pan it is sufficient to soak it in water with a little added detergent. Please do not use metal sponge or abrasive cleaners.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in FRANCE
    Manufactured in
Weight: 1,06 kg (1 Liter), 1,76 kg (2,25 Liter)
length: 15,3 cm (1 Liter), 21,7 cm (2,25 Liter)
capacity: 1 Liter, 2,25 Liter
included in delivery: 2 Töpfe mit 2 Glasdeckel und 1 Kunstoffdeckel
Width with handle: 27,8 cm (1 Liter), 27,8 cm (2,25 Liter)
height with lid: 14,0 cm (1 Liter), 15,5 cm (2,25 Liter)
bottom: Ø 11,0 cm (1 Liter), Ø 16,7 cm (2,25 Liter)
width: 15,3 cm (1 Liter), 21,7 cm (2,25 Liter)
height: 8,7 cm (1 Liter), 8,9 cm (2,25 Liter)

glass ceramics
Property Value
free from ohne Beschichtung, ohne Chrom, ohne Kunststoffe, ohne Nanopartikel, ohne Nickel, ohne Phtalate, ohne PTFE / PFOA
type of pot Allzwecktöpfe, Pastatöpfe, Suppentöpfe, Topfsets
colour gelb
material of pots Glas
properties bei Nickelallergie, bei Schwermetall Allergie, für 4 Personen, klassisch, mit Deckel, Spülmaschinenfest
cooker type Backofen, Ceranfeld, Elektroherd, Gasherd, Mikrowelle
shape Rund
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