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Weck juice bottle with lid to boil down juice & wecken sauces

Versatile wake juice bottle. Closes airtight, is tasteless & BPA free ✔ alarm clock bottle for juice, water, smoothies & sauces ❀ Buy ▻

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
BPA-free bottles from Weck
The Weck juice bottles are ideal for boiling juice and for sauces. As milk bottles and water carafes, they offer an environmentally friendly alternative to many conventional composite packaging materials. Because the glass bottles with lids are 100% free of BPA and plasticizers. The Weck bottles do not emit any harmful substances and enable you to store them in a safe place without risk to your health . The filled liquid does not take on any taste or smell and tastes even after a longer storage still like the original. Simple and safe handling
Due to the wide neck opening, the Weck juice bottles can be filled easily and cleaned just as easily. Thanks to the curved shape, the glass bottle lies well in your hands and can be held securely. You can clean the alarm clock bottles in the dishwasher and reuse them at any time for various foods. This is sustainable and very economical.

. Wake up juice bottle - The highlights at a glance
  • heat resistant, juice can be filled in hot for conservation
  • Free of BPA and plasticizers
  • Large opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • glass lid included in delivery
  • suitable for oven, microwave and dishwasher
  • In combination with rubber ring and clips completely tight
The Weck Juice Bottle offers a varied variety
Use the alarm clock bottle to serve fresh juices and healthy smoothies beautiful. As a bottle for smoothies it has long since become a cult bottle. The ice-cold Smoothie is drunk with straw directly from the small Weck bottle.

The small juice bottles are ideal for the breakfast table. Juice can be prepared and cooled the evening before. Also for coffee milk the Weck bottle is practical and attractive at the same time. As a gift, a baking mixture in the bottle will please because the layered mixture looks very decorative. An individual label or a gift tag with greeting and the personal gift is perfect. The Weck juice bottle also offers you a nice container for homemade chili oil or pickled antipasti. Be creative, there are no limits to your ideas.

You can also use the Weck bottles as a flower vase and create individual table decorations .

. Tip: In spring you can use the small Weck bottles as a hyacinth glass and watch how the hyacinth bulb develops into a magnificent hyacinth! An Amaryllis, grown from an Amaryllis bulb, simply spectacular. In any case, use the thickest onion possible for best results. Just enough water in the bottle, that's all it takes.

The Weck bottles are available as round edge glass 60 in various sizes:
  • juice bottle 250 ml
  • juice bottle 500 ml
  • juice bottle 1 l
The rings and clamps required for preserving juices are of course also available in our Weck Shop.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 290 ml: H 14 cm, Ø 6 cm

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