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AirTamer A310: mobile air purifier without filter & guaranteed ozone-free

FilterStream AirTamer A310 - small air purifier mobile - for in car, room & airplane ✔ USB plug & rechargeable battery ✔ ion technology, without ozone ✔

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Product information
Fresh clean air wherever you are
With the filterless travel air purifier breathe healthy, particle-free air whenever and wherever you are. Hang the FilterStream AirTamer A310 around your neck or place it next to you and breathe clean air thanks to the mobile air purifier. The ozone-free ion technology helps health-conscious and allergy sufferers against bacteria, viruses, mould spores, odours and allergens. When travelling by plane, at conferences or in the cinema, the physically functioning air purifier without filter is pleasant and helpful. The FilterStream AirTamer A310 is equipped with rechargeable lithium ions battery instead of batteries. As a mobile air purifier, the device can be recharged anywhere with a USB cable and can be used for another 150 hours after a short time.

Advantages of the AirTamer A310 - Ion Air Purifier
  • Active range 1m Radius
  • Noiseless, without fan
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • No battery change required, without filter
  • One battery charge lasts approx. 150 hrs
  • Without measurable ozone Immissions
  • suitable for 24 h operation
  • With box and cord

Air Purifier - Attractive design, modern technology
Compared to the previous model, the FilterStream AirTamer A310 has been optically and technically adapted to the needs of allergy sufferers, travelers and health conscious people. The mobile air purifier without filter is equipped with a carbon fiber brush system that releases negative ions. These charge particles from the direct ambient air, whereby bacteria, viruses, pollen, mould spores and allergens are displaced from the breathing air by means of a purely physical effect. The FilterStream AirTamer Ion Air Purifier Technology complies with U.S. government limits and does not release measurable ozone levels. Since the air purifier works without ozone release, it can be used 24 hours a day.

Particularly quiet, inaudible
The Airtamer works without fans and is therefore noiseless. The Airtamer A310 can also be used in noise-sensitive rooms such as offices, schools, libraries or waiting rooms without disturbing other people or oneself. Comfortable at home, in the hotel and on the road
The use is simple and variable. The AirTamer A310 air purifier can be hung around your neck or placed directly in front of you on your desk, bedside table or seat next to you in the car. The length of the cord can be adjusted if necessary. To prevent the neck cord from posing a safety risk, it has a predetermined breaking point in case you accidentally get caught during activities. The cord is conductive and should be worn on the skin for optimal function of the Travel Air Purifier. If you place the AirTamer next to or in front of you, the cord should be spread out, which intensifies the function. Innovative: air cleaning without filter and battery change
The company FilterStream has released the new AirTamer from disposable batteries. You have no follow-up costs, because the air purifier works without filter and is equipped with the most modern battery . This saves you money and is environmentally friendly at the same time. You can charge the mobile air purifier at any laptop, PC or with USB adapter plug at the socket.

feel good, breathe deeply
Use the inconspicuous air purifier on the go, at home and whenever you need clean air. Protect yourself and breathe healthy air in the subway, in the clinic, on the plane or at meetings. Use the FilterStream AirTamer and its natural principle of air purification.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in USA
    Manufactured in
length: 83 mm
Weight: 49 g
width: 42 mm
Housing: Kunststoff
height: 20 mm
General Data
Activated carbon: nein
prefilter: nein
filter number: 1
HEPA filter: nein
battery life: 150+ Stunden
Airflow: ca. 19 m³/h
power control: manuell
power settings: 1
Volume level 2: kein Geräusch

metal, synthetics
Property Value
room size up to 20 m²
filter technology Ionisator
filtering purpose bacteria, house dust, moulds, particle, pet dander, pollen, smoke, Tabakrauch, viruses
no filtering of CO2
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