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Black + Blum lunchbox without plastic - leakproof with fork

Perfect for on the go - Stainless steel lunch box without plastic with removable partition, silicone seal and silicone strap ✔ Hygienic & easy to clean ✔

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Product information
Many-sided and beautifully shaped
Black + Blum captivates with modern designs and high functionality. The stainless steel lunchbox without plastic is very easy to clean with its rounded edges. The bottom part can be used in the oven and all silicone-free parts, as well as the supplied stainless steel fork, can be put in the dishwasher. The divided lunchbox has a sliding partition wall and prevents sweet, salty or fruit from coming into contact with each other. The partition is removable. Different meals can thus be packed in a leak-proof way.

Black + Blum stainless steel lunchbox without plastic
  • With sliding and removable partition
  • Bottom part dishwasher- and ovenproof
  • Leak-proof and sustainable
  • With silicone seal and tape for transport
  • Hygienic and versatile
  • With stainless steel fork
Sustainable and environmentally friendly
The Black + Blum Lunchbox without plastic enriches camping, picnics or hiking trips and goes to the office with you. It is reusable and helps to avoid garbage. The silicone strap is an additional protection that ensures that the stainless steel bread tin is leak-proof. It also acts as a fork holder. In addition, a valve makes it easy to open and close the tin. Perfect also for food like gazpacho, which is prepared hot and eaten cold.

Allergy info
For nickel allergy sufferers PureNature offers the BPA free Black + Blum Lunchboxes from Tritan.
length: 20 cm
width: 15 cm
height: 6,5 cm

stainless steel, silicone
Property Value
free from without coating, without phthalate, without PTFE / PFOA
colour Metall
shape rectangular
FAQ`s (1)
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  • Farbe
    Handelt es sich hier um die Ausführung in der Farbe olive oder ocean? LG
    Das Band an der Black & Blum Lunchbox ist in Farbe Olive.
    Viele Grüße, Ihr PureNature Team
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