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Drinking bottle with water filter Binchotan Activated carbon filters chlorine

Stylish Black + Blum Design drinking bottle Eau Good from Tritan. BPA-free, with activated carbon filter ✔ mineralizes & filters water up to 6 months.

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Product information
Black + Blum bottle with activated charcoal filter
Eau good! is the alternative to water in plastic bottles! Filter tap water quickly and easily in the Black + Blum Eau good drinking bottle for immediate enjoyment and experience how fresh and healthy water can taste! The drinking bottle of the designer duo black + blum comes with a Binchotan activated carbon filter, which has a life span of approx. 6 months. Enjoy cleanly filtered, fresh tasting water on the go! The nylon handle is available in four different colours - so every family member can recognize his bottle immediately. A practical thing, if all Eau Good bottles are in the fridge!

Information on the Binchotan activated carbon filter:
Binchotan is a special hard coal from the Japanese holm oak. It is burned and processed in a traditional process by charcoal burners. The activated carbon rod in the Black + Blum bottle reduces unpleasant odors and bad taste, chlorine and other chemicals, mineralizes the water and regulates the pH value.

After one hour you can drink the filtered water and already experience the improved taste. The best water quality is reached after 8 hours, you will recognize it by its fresh, soft, clear taste and smell. Please use only for drinking water.

New activation of the Binchotan activated carbon:
The Binchotan activated carbon can be reactivated after approx. three months as follows: Boil the carbon rod in water for about 10-15 minutes and then let it dry. The coal can then be used for another three months.

Tip: Depending on how often you use the eau good drinking bottle, you should change the activated carbon filter after approx. 3 - 6 months. You don't have to throw away the Binchotan charcoal: When crushed in potting soil, it releases valuable nutrients to plants. Or place the carbon rod in a place where you want to absorb unpleasant odours (bathroom, shoe cupboard, cat toilet, etc.).

Information about the Eau Good drinking bottle with filter at a glance:
  • Material: tritan, natural cork, stainless steel and nylon (100% BPA-free)
  • Binchotan activated carbon filter included in delivery
  • Nylon handle available in four different colours!

Dimensions: 8,5 x 24 cm (800 ml/ 27 fl oz)

nylon, Binchotan Aktivkohle aus Eichenholz, Copolyester, Kork
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