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Mortier Pilon fermentation glasses with ceramic weights

Fermentation glasses in 2 or 5 litres for picking gherkins & for fermenting sauerkraut or kimchi ✔ For healthy & tasty vegetables ✔
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Product information
Healthy and tasty
Mortier Pilon fermentation glasses made of high-quality glass are available in two sizes. Choose between a capacity of 2 and 5 litres. Whether you are preparing sauerkraut for the whole family or want to pickle a glass of gherkin, here you will find the fermentation vessel in the right size. When fermenting vegetables, CO2 is produced which can escape through the water channel in the lid without bacteria entering the inside of the glass. The ceramic weight included in the delivery ensures that the fermentation liquid is always above the vegetables.

Mortier Pilon fermentation glasses for fermenting vegetables
  • Plastic lid and border without BPA
  • Cover with water channel
  • With ceramic weight
  • Labeling field at the opening
  • With wax crayon for marking
  • available in two sizes
pare kimchi and sauerkraut
Mortier Pilon's fermentation glasses can be used in many ways. The classic Sauerkraut not only provides a probiotic vitamin boost in winter. Delicious kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish that is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Koreans traditionally use glass for fermentation. In summer you can use the fermentation vessel to make your own pickled gherkins or pickle vegetables from your own garden, as well as peppers and tomatoes.

The fermentation glasses are not dishwasher safe. It is sufficient to rinse the fermenter glass with lukewarm water before the first use and after each use. Then rinse the glass, lid and ceramic weights with vinegar to sterilize them. Rinsing is not necessary as the remaining vinegar prevents the formation of mould and promotes the growth of desired bacteria. The outside can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Allergy info
The fermentation jars contain no allergens and are ideal for people with food allergies and intolerances, as the fermentation jars can be used to easily ferment vegetables and fruit according to individual needs.
Weight: 1,5 kg (2 l), 3 kg (5 l)
length: 20 cm (2 l), 25 cm (5 l)
width: 20 cm (2 l), 25 cm (5 l)
height: 27 cm (2 l), 35 cm (5 l)

glass, porcelain, polypropylene, silicone
Property Value
free from ohne Aluminium, ohne Metall, ohne Nickel
properties bei Nickelallergie, bei Schwermetall Allergie, modern
FAQ`s (1)
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  • mortier pilon fermentier glas
    Gemüse fermentiert .Der Schraubdeckel lässt sich nicht aufdrehen.
    wackeln Sie einfach etwas am Deckel, dann sollte er sich wieder lockern. 
    Es hat sich durch den Gärvorgang ein Vacuum gebildet. Da der Deckel aber nur aufliegt und nicht
    verschraubt ist, lässt er sich auf jeden Fall wieder abnehmen. 
    Viele Grüße, Ihr PureNature Team 
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