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Fermenting Crock for Sauerkraut

Healthy eating with lactic acid fermentation in the traditional way. The pot enables to pickle all types of vegetables. Important vitamins are formed and the vegetables are preserved. Back to our grandmothers procedure.

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few pieces in stock

few pieces in stock

few pieces in stock


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Product information
No unpleasant odours occur, and by the airtight sealing with lid and gutter any mould growth will be prevent. It is no longer necessary to wash the vegetables after pickling them.

Pickling is the most natural method for preservation of all our vegetables. When the vegetables are pickled, the vegetables convert to lactic acid products. They are especially rich in vitamins and minerals.

Pickled vegetables or a glass of pickled juice (brine) are not only stimulating the digestion, but are also substantial with a low calorie content (eg only 15 calories in 100 grams of sauerkraut). Pickled vegetables are therefore often used for a slimming cure.

Scope of delivery:
- Material: brown stoneware
- Lid, gutter, stones to weight down
- Instructions, recipes
- Food-safe materials
Weight: 5 kg (5 Liter, ), 8 kg (10 Liter)
Dimensions: Ø 23 x 30 cm, Ø 27 x 36 cm (10 Liter)

natural clay
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