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PureNature beechwood fruit brush with soft and hard bristles

High-quality beech wood brush from PureNature for cleaning fruit & sensitive vegetables ❀ Pure natural product ✔ Made in Germany ✔

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
Not only for sensitive fruit
The PureNature fruit brush is made of high-quality beech wood and lies well in the hand. It is equipped with two kinds of bristles. Anyone who likes to buy organic fruit from a farmer or cultivate it in their own garden knows the problem, because soil, splash water and other natural dirt can stick to fruit and vegetables. The fruit brush cleans fruit gently and quickly. Even strong lettuce and cabbage leaves can be cleaned of dirt.

PureNature Fruit Brush at a glance
  • Maufactured from high quality beech wood
  • With soft and hard natural bristles
  • Available for all types of fruit and vegetables
  • Environmentally friendly and compostable
  • Made in Germany
applicable in many ways
The light-coloured bristles of the PureNature beechwood brush are slightly harder. They are suitable for stubborn dirt and fruits with a firmer shell. Even lemons whose peel is to be used for baking can be easily cleaned with it. The softer bristles are for soft fruits. Tip: Clean the brush with a little vinegar water and let it dry completely after use, this will prolong its life.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
length: 9 cm
Weight: 80 g
width: 5 cm
height: 3,5 cm

beech wood, natural bristles
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