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PureNature wooden dishwashing brush with natural bristles -FSC certified, vegan

Environmentally friendly and compostable - PureNature Wood Dish Brush for thorough cleaning of dishes ❀ Made from high quality materials ✔

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
Rinsing dishes naturally
The PureNature wooden dishwashing brush is made of high-quality materials. FSC certified beech wood and genuine vegetable fibre bristles come from renewable sources and are vegan. The brush head of the wooden rinsing brush has a diameter of 5 cm. With the exception of the metal parts, the natural bristle brush is compostable. The wooden handle has a natural grip due to the grain and is easy to hold. With the wooden rinsing brush, stubborn food residues can be removed from crockery in a completely natural way.

PureNature wooden dishwashing brush - completely natural
  • From untreated beech wood
  • With genuine Fibre bristles
  • Compostable and vegan
  • brush head has 5 cm Ø
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly
Vintage Washing Brush Wood for the modern kitchen
Thanks to its high-quality workmanship, the wooden dishwashing brush looks beautiful and is easy to clean. Hang it up to dry after washing the dishes. The natural bristle brush benefits from a dash of vinegar or lemon juice in the rinsing water. If the bristles stand a little apart after washing up, attach a household rubber around the bristles before drying and bring them into the desired position. Each brush made of wood instead of plastic is also a positive contribution to environmental protection, so plastic waste is effectively reduced.

You can find more environmentally friendly brushes made of natural materials in the PureNature Online Shop.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Diameter: Ø 50 mm

beech wood, century plant bristles, Steel
Property Value
application Dishwashing liquid
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