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PureNature natural latex cushion in soap form made of 100% natural rubber

Natural latex pillow to support the neck for a restful sleep with organic terrycloth cover ✔ point elastic, breathable & moisture regulating ✔

available from 12.03.2020


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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
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Product information
Naturally restful sleep
PureNature's natural latex cushion is made of natural materials. The terrycloth cover made of organic cotton is breathable. The moisture regulating pillow latex is made of pure natural rubber. The cushion in compact soap form ensures a natural straight alignment of the spine. In addition, this type of neck support pillow belongs to the group of pillows that do not lump. Similar to the ergonomically shaped pillows, the soap-shaped pillow ensures an optimal sleeping position for the cervical spine and muscles. The high point elasticity of the natural rubber supports the head in a pleasant way and conveys a soft lying feeling. PureNature natural latex pillow in jersey undercover
  • point-elastic support for the head and cervical spine
  • Washable with 100% organic cotton terrycloth cover up to 60°C
  • Available in different sizes
  • With cushion core made of pure rubber
  • Breathable and moisture-regulating
  • Made in Germany
Organic bedding is good for humans and the environment
The natural latex cushion in soap form is particularly suitable for health-conscious people and allergy sufferers. Unlike synthetic latex made from crude oil, the natural latex used for this PureNature cushion is environmentally friendly and hygienic. The antiseptic properties of rubber help to prevent house dust mites and the cover is washable at 60°C. The latex is also washable at 60°C. The pillow latex is durable and does not lose its stability. Natural latex is almost completely recyclable and climate-neutral when disposed of.

You can find more natural latex pillows and mattresses in our online shop. Discover the organic bedding world of PureNature for the whole family.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 40 x 70 cm
height: ca. 10 cm
washable: 60° C (nur Bezug)
suitable for tumble drying: nein

latex, cotton (organic)
Property Value
sleeper type Bauchschläfer, Rückenschläfer, Seitenschläfer
Gesundheit Besonders Anschmiegsam, Körpergenaue Anpassung, Rücken- /Muskelbeschwerden
cover material Bio Baumwolle 60°C waschbar
care instructions 60° C Maschinenwäsche, kein Trockner
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  • Naturlatex-Kissen in Seifenform
    wie hoch ist dieses Kissen
    die Höhe beträgt wie in der Artikelbeschreibung angegeben ca. 10cm
    Viele Grüße, Ihr PureNature Team 
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