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PureNature sheep's wool pillow with elastic filling made of virgin sheep's wool
PureNature sheep's wool pillow with elastic filling made of virgin sheep's wool

PureNature sheep's wool pillow with elastic filling made of virgin sheep's wool

This bio pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers who like an elastic pillow. Filled with virgin sheep's wool beads kbT. and organic cotton cover kbA.

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
Processing of PureNature Organic Pillows
The PureNature sheep's wool cushion is firmly filled with sheep's wool balls made of kbT sheep's wool, which are located in a separate inner cover. The inner cover can be opened with a zipper and sheep's wool balls removed to soften the cushion or reduce the height. The wool pellets of the filling can be very easily loosened by shaking and distributed evenly again.

Advantages Sheep wool pillow
  • For back and side sleepers
  • Hardness & Height adjustable
  • cover washable
  • Quilted cotton cover washable
  • High moisture absorption
  • Breathable
  • usable all year round
Ideal cushion for
  • Side sleepers and back sleepers who want a pillow with good bulk
  • For people who sweat frequently and need a bio pillow with good breathing properties and moisture control
  • people who need a flexible cushion to adjust hardness and height, even with very wide shoulders
  • People who prefer a slightly firmer pillow
Material Info Sheep wool pillow
The sheep wool in this sheep wool pillow is obtained from controlled organic animal husbandry, i.e. species-appropriate husbandry of sheep. The healthy sheep's wool with high content of natural lanolin is not treated with pesticides and is only washed with water.
The cover is made of fine batiste 100% organic cotton with organic cotton fleece quilted in diamond wave. Even after frequent washing the cover remains in shape. Properties of the sheep's wool in the sheep's wool cushion
Sheep wool is very popular as an organic cushion filling material because it is very elastic and supportive. The sheep's wool pillow absorbs moisture at night without feeling damp. During the day, the sheep's wool releases moisture again. The sheep's wool cushion balances the temperature and is therefore suitable for all seasons. The PureNature sheep's wool cushion is air-permeable, breathable and has a high supporting power.

Density Sheep wool pillow:
Firm, very good support. The hardness and height of the Bio sleeping pillow can be changed by removing or adding filling material. Care Sheep wool pillow
Sheep wool in general is not washable, but due to the self-cleaning properties of wool, regular shaking and airing of the sheep wool cushion is normally sufficient. However, if cleaning of the cushion filling is necessary, we recommend professional cleaning, or replacement fillings are also available from PureNature. The quilted cover of the Bio pillow is machine washable at 60°C in the gentle programme. Do not put in the dryer, do not iron.

Allergy Info
An allergy to sheep's wool is very rare. If you have neurodermatitis or an allergy to lanolin, you should choose a vegetable pillow filling as a precaution. For allergy sufferers, who generally cannot tolerate animal hair, we offer a large selection of pillows with purely vegetable fibres. The cover of the pillow is washable. If you are allergic to house dust, we recommend that you use an appropriate encasing for this pillow to protect against house dust mites.

You can find more allergy pillows in the PureNature Bedding Shop.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Cover: Feinbatist 100 % Bio Baumwolle
net weight: 40x60 cm: 450 g, 40x80 cm: 500 g, 80x80 cm: 1000 g
Filling: Schafwolle kbT

cotton (organic), sheep wool
Property Value
moisture transfer hoch
breathability hoch
warming capability mittel bis gut wärmend
temperature equalisation mittel
care instructions kein Trockner, nicht waschbar
season Ganzes Jahr
snuggle factor mittel - weich
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