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Volvox proAqua wood varnish clear - solvent-free & dilutable with water

Wood clear lacquer silk matt from Volvox. Drip-resistant and elastic wood varnish for interior use. Suitable for allergy sufferers and health conscious people. 0.75 l can.

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750ml (€4.26 / 100 ml)

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
With wood varnish clear you varnish in a gentle way
When painting interior wood, use clear wood varnish from the Volvox proAqua series. Water-soluble and solvent-free clear lacquer protects the environment and your health. There are no emissions in the room during processing. Particularly suitable for people with allergies.

Properties Volvox proAqua Wood varnish clear satin
  • Drip-resistant, ideal for painting ceilings
  • Usable with brush, paint roller and spray gun
  • Special for wood indoors
  • Dust dry after 15 minutes
  • dilutable with water
  • Elastic & colourless
  • solvent-free
Appropriate wood types
Volvox proAqua wood varnish clear is suitable for all woods indoors. Test the product in advance on an invisible spot. Especially woods with water-soluble ingredients such as oak and rubber tree can be discoloured. In this case, a primer with a blocking primer must be applied beforehand. Use a wood preservative primer to protect softwoods from blue stain.

Apply clear lacquer to wood
The application can be done with a brush, a paint roller or a suitable spray gun. Wood varnish clear can be diluted with water. It is suitable for all interior components. Use it to paint furniture, doors, wooden panelling, ceilings and panels. Water-soluble clear varnish is not suitable for heavily used surfaces such as floors and stairs.

The drying times
The solvent-free clear coat is dust-dry after 15 minutes. After 30 minutes the intermediate sanding can take place. It can be painted over after one hour. It is recommended to apply at least a second coat after drying. Protect the environment and use clear wood varnish from the Volvox proAqua series to paint indoors!
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
range: 11-14 m²/l
Farbton: klar
Trockendauer: 1

Aqua, silica, white glue, tenside, preservative
Property Value
finish Rollen, Spritzen, Streichen
undercoat Holz
range of application Innen
ingredients ohne Acrylharz, ohne Chlor, ohne Lösungsmittel, ohne Terpene, ohne Titandioxid, ohne VOC
properties matt glänzend, tropfgehemmt
Glanzgrad seidenglänzend
Grundierung erforderlich: nein
operation site Büro, Flur / Diele, Keller, Kinderzimmer, Küche, Schlafzimmer, Wohnung
Empfohlene Werkzeuge Pinsel, Lackrolle, Spritzgerät
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