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Simax Beaker Glass - Heat Resistant Borosilicate & Graduated

The Simax Beaker Glass with spout is perfect for measuring, making your own cosmetics and cooking ✔ Does not react with chemicals and is heat resistant ✔

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Product information
Useful in so many ways
The Simax beaker glass belongs to one of those kitchen utensils you have never imagined using but once it has found its way into your kitchen you cannot do without. Made from borosilicate glass, and originally designed for use in laboratories, the graduated beaker is extremely robust and heat resistant. The 400ml beaker is perfect for melting chocolate for cakes and the glass beaker 100ml for heating up coconut oil for self-made cosmetics. The Simax glass beaker with spout, unlike plastic, does not react with acid or gives off chemicals when heated which is not only great for allergy sufferers but also good news for all health-conscious people.

Simax Beaker Glass for measuring and heating
  • Available in 100ml and 400ml sizes
  • Graduated markings and spout
  • Borosilicate glass, thermal shock resistant
  • Robust, durable and dishwasher proof
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers and people with MCS
  • Made in Germany by Bohemia Cristal

  • Quality that lasts
    Simax beaker glass is durable and dishwasher proof. The graduated beaker makes it easy to add and mix ingredients which are essential for making cosmetics. Pouring the finished article into a dish with lid is not difficult either with this beaker with spout. The combination of measuring and heating up ingredients in one and the same dish makes the Simax beaker so special and makes life in kitchen that little bit more comfortable.

    More unusual and very useful kitchen equipment is available from the PureNature online shop.

    Dimensions: ø 5 x 7 cm hoch (100 ml)

    borosilicate glass
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