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Allermed C20 Car Purifier - Filters Pollutants and Allergens

Powerful car purifier Allermed C20 filters air with activated carbon & no ozone, 12V connection. Removes airborne particles, pollutants, allergens & odours.

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available from 15.01.2020


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Product information
Against poor air quality in cars
Allermed C20 Car Purifier filters quietly and reliably new car odour, dust, airborne particles and pollens from inside the cabin. Unpleasant smells from upholstery and equipment are efficiently and speedily removed from the air. The casing, made from enamelled metal, has a pleasing appearance. The air purifier for car has two operating settings. The lower one is for continuous operation and an efficiency setting for when you are stuck in traffic, or if you would like to remove plastic odour, allergens and new car smells from the vehicle. The filter requires annual changing or, with lower mileage the interval can be extended.

Special features of the Allermed C20 car purifier
  • Air purifier and enamelled metal casing emit no gas or solvents
  • Filter not coated, without ionizer, non-ozone producing
  • With activated carbon, Plurafil and micro filter fleece
  • Unit motor does not heat up, connection cable is odourless
  • Filter does not get mouldy, filter change only once a year
  • 12V cigarette lighter connection

Easy to use, immediately clean air
Place the Allermed C20 Car Purifier in the footwell of the car or onto the back seat. The air purifier for car with activated carbon, Plurafil and micro filter fleece sucks air in at a 360° radius. Just plug the air purifier in the 12 V socket in car, caravan or campervan and the portable air filter instantaneously produces ozone free clean air. On the highest setting the Allermed filters 75m³ air per hour. With this enormous capacity allergens and new car odour are reliably eliminated. A handle allows easy transport of the portable air filter and makes it also easy to use in car rentals or rented campervans. Clean air wherever you and your family go.

Allermed C20 was developed for allergy sufferers and MCS
The portable air purifier was especially developed with the needs of people with MCS and allergies in mind. With attention to detail and know-how it was ensured that all the components used are not emitting pollutants or allergens and are suitable for allergy sufferers. People without allergies use the Allermed C20 to protect themselves from harmful air pollutants.

360° air filtration without ozone
The car purifier is equipped with an activated carbon and a Purafil filter. Gaseous substances and particles of a size larger than 0.3 micron are quickly and up to 99.92% removed from the inside of vehicles. The air purifier without ionizer filters odour, dust and allergens from the air without emitting ozone. Two settings are available to remove chemicals, pollens, mould, and animal odour from the car. The Allermed car air purifier passes 100% of the sucked air through the filter. Complete efficiency for enjoyable, pleasant car journeys without the strain of pollution and allergens.

More excellent air purifiers and tailored to your needs are available from the PureNature online shop. Speak to one of our experts to find the air purifier best suited to your situation.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in USA
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: Ø 27 x 17 cm
length: 27 cm
Weight: 4,5 kg
width: 27 cm
Room size: bis 10 m²
Housing: Metall einbrennlackiert
air outlet: Oberseite
air intake: seitlich 360°
height: 17 cm
General Data
Activated carbon: 900 g
Filter change: 12 Monate
prefilter: ja
filter number: 3
total separation efficiency: 99,26% > 0,3 Mikron
filter change indicator: nein
HEPA filter: ja
remote control: nein
air quality sensor: nein
Airflow: 30 - 75 m³/h
energy consumption: 24 W - 42 W
power settings: 1 - 2
Volume level 2: 49 - 56 dB(A)
handsets: 2
Volts: 12 V (230 V mit Spannungswandler)
power control: manuell
day- / night mode: nein
child safety lock: nein
timer: nein
WLAN-fähig: nein

Property Value
room size 1 - 30 m²
filter technology Vorfilter / HEPA / Aktivkohle
filtering purpose Ammoniak, Bakterien, Feinstaub, Formaldehyd, Gase (VOC), Gerüche (WC, Küche), Gräser, Gülle, Hausstaub, Hausstaubmilben /-kot, Haustier Allergene, Lösungsmittel, Toluol, Benzol, Ozon, Partikel, Pollen, Rauche, Schadstoffe, Schimmelpilze, Tabakrauch, Tierhaare & Haare, Tonerstaub, Viren
no filtering of CO2
operation site Auto / LKW / Wohnmobil, Hotelzimmer, Küche, Schlafzimmer
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