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Glass drinking straw: Glass straw bent - for cold & hot drinks

Glass drinking straw made of robust borosilicate glass is suitable for hot & cold ✔ Environmentally friendly, reusable without plastic ✔ 6 pcs. Glass Straw curved ▻ buy.

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Product information
Stylish, environmentally conscious & plastic-free
With a PureNature glass straw every drink tastes authentic and looks attractive. Environmentally friendly drinking straws are in the process of minimizing unnecessary plastic consumption. The handle bent into a glass of straw is a visual highlight in cocktail glass, juice or latte macchiato. After use, the reusable straws are simply rinsed with the plastic-free brush included in the set. You can also put your glass straw bent in the dishwasher, the borosilicate glass is largely insensitive.

Advantages of the glass drinking straw 6er Set
  • From robust borosilicate glass
  • For cold and hot beverages
  • Always reusable
  • 100% plastic-free, nickel-free
  • Hygienic and tasteless
  • dishwasher safe
Stalks without plastic
A glass drinking straw is also suitable for allergy sufferers. Temperature resistant borosilicate glass does not release anything into your drink. Even a hot latte macchiato or cold iced tea does not affect the tasteless material. The glass straw bent is available in 20 and 23 cm lengths, it comes in a practical 6er set with cleaning brush without plastic. The reusable drinking straws have a diameter of 10mm and also fit into most lid glasses.

Take advantage of the aesthetic alternative, which at the same time relieves the environment , as PureNature glass drinking straws can be used again and again and no plastic waste is produced.

The glass drinking straw is also available online at PureNature as a straight version.

Diameter: 7,0 mm (innen), 10,0 mm (außen)
included in delivery: 6 Trinkhalme im Karton mit Reinigungsbürstchen

borosilicate glass
Property Value
free from without aluminium, without chrome, without coating, without colourings, without metal, without Nano particles, without nickel, without phthalate, without plastic, without PTFE / PFOA
properties for heavy metal allergy, for nickel allergy
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