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Jati Mould Remover

Jati Mould Remover

Jati mould eliminator removes mould in the entire household -bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, cellars, warehouses and all other sensitive areas .

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500ml (€3.99 / 100 ml)

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Product information
The effect
The special effect of the Jati mould remover is based on active oxygen (hydrogen peroxide), along with natural fruit acids, which are also deployed in the food industry. The agent hydrogen peroxide which is stabilized by the fruit acids permeates the enzyme protective shield of the moulds-cell and reaches the interior of the cell undetected. In a short time, moulds, spores and bacteria are killed - simply and safely.
With Jati-mould remover you destroy not only just fungal infestation. The product acts mould fungus-debilitating and thus prevents quick emergent. Simultaneously, the Jati-mould remover has been confirmed a good efficacy against allergeny-releasing proteins and certain toxic molds.

The Jati mould remover is skin-friendly, user-friendly, easy biodegradable and received by the laboratory Dermatest for his skin-friendliness the mark of "very good".
The Jati mildew remover is free of: chlorine, hypochlorite, alcohols, aldehydes and ammonium compounds to maximize product compatibility for the user.
Another plus is the biodegradability according to OECD 301A, the product was confirmed. The agent is not odourless.

Spray Jati mould remover on the infected locations and leave it to take effort for 60 min. Treated fungal cultures are effectively destroyed and can be removed.

The gentle effect formula is even suitable for sensitive areas such as kitchen or nursery.

joint treatment:
On tiles grout, such as cement or silicone, in bathrooms and kitchen areas stubborn mould grows particularly rapidly . Simple spraying is enough to kill the mould. Has this mould, however, penetrated into the silicone, the silicone must be replaced.

Typical basement problem:
Jati mould remover also removes unpleasant odours caused by odour-forming bacteria.

- destroys mould, spores and bacteria
- effective against allergens and mycotoxins
- acts mould-repressive and thus prevents new infestation
- works effectively on all materials such as masonry, wood, plastic, upholstered furniture and fabrics
- biodegradable
- sparingly in application (100 ml/m² area)
- Mark "Very good" for the skin compatibility of Dermatest 2009

Please use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

bauA-Reg. Nr. N-37960

Biozidprodukte vorsichtig verwenden. Vor Gebrauch stets Etikett und Produktinformationen lesen. Biozidprodukt bauA-Reg. Nr. N-37960

hydrogen peroxide, bleaching agents, benzoic acid, sorbic acid
Property Value
finish paint spraying
range of application Schimmelschutz
ingredients without chlorine, without solvents, without VOC
properties mould resistant
FAQ`s (2)
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  • Anwendung auf diversen Gebrauchsgegenständen
    Hallo! kann man den Schimmelpilz-Entferner auch auf z.B. Schuhen und Outdoor-Ausrüstung (Rucksäcke, Sportkleidung,etc...) anwenden?

    Laut Hersteller können Sie den Schimmelpilz-Entferner auch bei Schuhen, Rucksäcken
    und Sportbekleidung anwenden. Bitte unbedingt vor der Behandlung auf
    Farbechtheit prüfen.

    Ihr PureNature Team

  • Silikondichtungen
    Hallo, greift dieses Produkt evtl. die Silikondichtungen an der Dusche an?
    es greift die Fugen nicht an. Sie können es jedoch auch abwaschen in den Fugenbereichen. 
    Viele Grüße, Ihr PureNature Team
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