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PureNature White Porcelain Mortar & Pestle - 12cm with Spout

Mortar & Pestle in white hard porcelain. With rough grinding surface. Suitable for spices, medicines and the preparation of creams ✔ microwave-proof.

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Product information
Professional and hygienic
A reliable mortar & pestle which quickly grinds herbs and spices with the roughened friction surface. Fired at over 1300 °C, the porcelain is hygienic and dishwasher-proof. The porcelain mortar and pestle is also suitable for grinding pills and tablets. The extremely hard material is abrasion-proof which guarantees that sensitive ingredients are not contaminated.

The white pestle and mortar is robust and of elaborate functionality
The mortar is suitable for the microwave when heated ingredients are required. A small spout makes measuring liquids more convenient. The handle of the pestle is tapered upwards to the rounded top which is slightly larger to ensure a safe grip. The bottom end is roughened for grinding. A perfect kitchen utensil for grinding cloves by hand or making pesto. Freshly ground tastes better.

Features of mortar & pestle
  • Made from white porcelain with small spout
  • Fired at more than 1300°C for extra strength
  • For herbs & spices or making cream & cosmetics
  • Slightly rough surface on bottom of dish to make it non-slip
  • Abrasion-proof, microwave and dishwasher proof

White porcelain, neutral towards all ingredients
If you make your own cosmetics then the abrasion-proof porcelain mortar and pestle is the perfect utensil. Even very hard ingredients will be ground to finest powder with the mortar & pestle. The German produced porcelain undergoes strict quality controls to ensure no substances are given off. The white pestle and mortar is suitable for making homoeopathic medicine, salves and cosmetics. All ingredients are ground without contamination with foreign substances. The bowl diameter of 12cm is suitable for kitchen as well as professional applications.

Please note: small unevenness in the material is typical for hard porcelain and is not a quality flaw.

Dimensions: Ø 12 cm x 5,8 cm
volume: ca. 0,34 l

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