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Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier with Activated Carbon Filter
Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier with Activated Carbon Filter
Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier with Activated Carbon Filter
Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier with Activated Carbon Filter

Blueair Classic 405 Air Purifier with Activated Carbon Filter

The Blueair 405 Classic with new design and technical upgrade. True HEPA filter ✔ LED touch button, controllable via Aware. For rooms up to 40m2 ✔

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Product information
Room air filter for allergy sufferers and health conscious people
Clean the air with the Blueair Classic 405 in rooms up to 40m² from particulates, allergy triggering pollens, mould spores and solvents. Use the air purifier against odours and VOCs and breathe healthy air. The Blueair 405 offers comfort and security. Regulate the airflow speed with an easy to read LED display. You can also use the air purifier app to remote control the Blueair 405 or add the optional Blueair Aware monitor for complete control over your room air. Combine app, anti-allergen air purifier and monitor and you can control and operate the Blueair 405 from anywhere with any smart device. This is the perfect high-tech solution for allergy sufferers.

Blueair Classic 405 air purifier with activated carbon
With activated carbon filter and HEPASilent, Guaranteed without glass fibre Efficient air purifier for allergies, without ozone Cleans room air 5 times per hour Illuminated LED touch buttons for manual operation Optional remote controllable Blueair Aware available Quiet, 32db(A) on lowest setting Metal casing and modern Swedish design Best CADR values for Blueair air purifier with activated carbon and HEPA
The American organisation AHAM (Association Of Home Appliances Manufacturers) tests air purifiers on a regular basis. Tests conducted under controlled conditions in independent laboratories provide information about the air purifying capacities at varying pollution levels.

The efficiency of the Blueair Classic 405 air purifier with SmokeStop HEPA / activated carbon filter:

Smoke: 476 m³/h - Dust: 510 m³/h - Pollens: 510 m³/h

Filtering air at the highest standards
These results are particularly of importance when the Blueair 405 is used as an allergy air purifier. The high airflow and that the air is completely cleaned 5 times per hour means security and an increased quality of life for allergy sufferers. Allergy symptoms triggered by pollens, cat hair and mould spores are largely minimised. Smallest particles, germs and tiny pollutants larger than 0.1 µm are filtered by the Blueair Classic 405 with a certainty of 99.97%. For allergy sufferers this means air free from allergens as far as this is possible and the prospect of enjoying a deep breath of clean air.

Air purifier for smell and odour
Indoor pollutants given off by furniture, fragrances, cleaning products or chimney smoke are also effectively filtered by the allergy air purifier with activated carbon. Blueair Classic 405 filters 98% of formaldehyde per hour, a toxic indoor pollutant often given off by chipboard furniture and carpets, from the air.

Use all options to have clean air in your home
For complete control over air quality in office and at home there is an additional option to combine the Blueair Aware with your Blueair 405 air purifier.

The Blueair Aware gives you complete control over your room air. The room air monitoring device comes in an elegant design and is used in the same room as the air purifier. Connect both devices via Wi-Fi connection and Blueair Friends app. In addition to information about the air quality in the room with the air purifier you will see data about the air quality immediately outside of this room and the temperature. Use the newest technology from Sweden and benefit from best quality breathing air thanks to the innovative HEPA and activated carbon filter air purifier.

Patented filtration technology for efficient air purification
The powerful performance of the Blueair Classic 405 is due to Swedish perfection and innovation. The sandwich type design of the SmokeStop filter is at the heart of the filtration technology which provides the greatest possible relief for allergy sufferers. The integrated HEPASilent Technology cleans air whisper quiet from PM2.5 particulate matter, allergens, spores and other particulates. The filtration of VOCs and odours is done by the activated carbon HEPA filter. If constantly in use then exchange the SmokeStop filter unit about every 6 months. Dispose of the environmentally friendly combination filter simply in your normal household waste.

Expert advice and service by PureNature
Buying an air purifier is a matter of trust and requires expertise. Benefit from our personal consulting service and more than 20 years of experience in all questions about air purifiers for allergies. When making the right choice our PureNature specialist staff will assess, along with you, which specifications the air purifier should have depending on your personal requirements. We would like you to get the best possible solution and the air purifier that will rid you of odours and pollution.

Dimensions: 59 x 50 x 27,5 cm
Weight: 15 kg
Room size: bis 40 m²
Housing: Metall
air outlet: seitlich
air intake: seitlich
General Data
Filter change: alle 6 Monate
prefilter: ja
filter number: 3
total separation efficiency: 99,97% >0,1 Mikron
Activated Carbon Filter: ja
CADR pollen: 510 m³/h
CADR smoke: 476 m³/h
CADR dust: 510 m³/h
Filter fineness: 0,1 Mikron
filter change indicator: ja
HEPA filter: ja
remote control: nein
air quality sensor: nein
Airflow: 595 m³/h
energy consumption: 15 - 90 W
power control: manuell, Smartphone
Volume level 2: 32 - 52 db(A)
handsets: 3
Volts: 230 V
Smartphone Steuerung: ja (Blueair Friend App)
day- / night mode: ja
child safety lock: ja (Blueair Friend App)
timer: ja (Blueair Friend App)
WLAN-fähig: ja
casters: nein (optional)

Property Value
filter technology prefilter / HEPA / activated carbon
room size up to 30 m²
filtering purpose , ammonia, animal hair & hair, bacteria, dust mites / - droppings, Feinstaub, Formaldehyd, gasses (VOC), harmful substances, house dust, liquid manure, moulds, odours (toilette, kitchen), ozone, particle, pet dander, pollen, smoke, solvent, toluol, benzene, Tabakrauch, tobacco smoke, toner dust, viruses
no filtering of CO2
operation site bedroom, cellar, children's room, home, hotel room, office, smoking room, waiting room
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