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Blueair Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier - High Efficiency & Metal Design

The Blue Pure 221 - an air purifier for a modern lifestyle. Metal upgrade design, easy to use and low operating costs ✔ Filters rooms up to 50m² ✔

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available from 27.10.2020

Fast delivery!

available from 27.10.2020

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available from 27.10.2020


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Product information
Healthy lifestyle, breathing clean air, being active
The Blueair Blue Pure 221 meets the challenges of life in the 21st century. Health and a greater life quality are paramount. The Blueair air purifier with HEPA and carbon filter ensures clean air and high indoor air quality standards. The technology and efficiency of the compact air purifier are pioneering. In a room the size of up to 50m² the entire air is filtered five times per hour. Breathe clean air – which is at the heart of health and well-being.

The Blue Pure 221 is almost an artwork. The understated Scandinavian design vocabulary reminiscent of “Form follows Function”, the incisive maxim of the Bauhaus movement. Accomplished aesthetic in combination with powerful technology, uncompromisingly matching the demands for highest indoor air quality. Let the Blueair Blue Pure 221 be part of your active and health oriented lifestyle. In addition there are pre-filter in five colours available.

Highlights of the Blueair Pure 221
  • With metal upgrade, perforated plate casing
  • Intuitive operation via 3 stage rotating switch
  • 360° air intake for high air quality
  • Combination HEPA and carbon filter
  • Also available with HEPA filter only
  • Cleans air in rooms up to 50m² five times per hour
  • Quiet 31 db(A) on setting 1, energy efficient 30W/h
  • 5 blade fan, 4.3m² actual filtering surface
  • optional pre-filter in 5 colours available

Intuitively and easy to operate
When developing the Blueair Blue the Swedish engineers attached high importance to puristic design and intuitive operation. Switch on the Blueair air purifier and choose one of the three settings with the illuminated rotating switch at the front of the device. More technology is not required to breathe clean air. To ensure your undisturbed sleep the compact air purifier switches off the blue light after 15 seconds when set to night mode.

The proven efficiency of the Blueair Pure 221 – CADR values
The US Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers AHAM tests air purifiers on a regular basis under controlled conditions. The cleaning capacity and efficiency of the air purifiers are tested there by independent test laboratories.

The Blueair Pure 221 achieved impressive data for filtering room air per hour

For the air purifier with HEPA and carbon filter:
Smoke 590 m3/h – dust 590 m3/h - pollen 590 m3/h

Choice of two model types
The dust air purifier with HEPA air filter for allergies is sufficient for pollen, dust mites, pet dander and similar sized allergens. The Blueair Blue Pure 221 with additional activated carbon filter also combats germs such as viruses and bacteria as well gaseous pollutants which are usually emitted from soft furnishing and paints, varnishes, household cleaners, air fresheners and vapor fumes. The air purifier for pollution with carbon filter is preferable to the one without it if you want to be certain of removing all harmful particles from your room air.

Suitable for large and small rooms
Use the Blueair air purifier with 360° air intake in bedroom, living room or children’s room. The compact air purifier requires very little space for efficient air intake and can be placed almost anywhere. The Blueair Blue is one of most efficient ways to reduce air pollution indoors, at home or even in hotel rooms when on the go. Wherever there is the need for room air cleaners or an air filter for allergies the Blue Pure 221 can bring relief. Any physical or mental performance benefits from the air cleaning capabilities of the Blueair Blue with its sturdy metal casing.

Uncomplicated filter exchange, low running costs
With all Blueair air purifiers the exchange of the filter cartridge is quick and easy. The Blueair Blue Pure 221 has a square filter unit - the lower part of the device - which is changed in less than a minute. Press the small indentations left and right of the compact air purifier and release the filter unit, lift off and place on the new filter and click into place. With continuous operation the filter should be exchanged every 6 months so that you can enjoy clean air at home at all times. The operating costs are low with a power consumption of 30W per hour.

Who would benefit from a Blueair Blue Pure 221?
Practically everyone can benefit from clean air which contributes significantly to our well-being, health and enables us to perform better mentally and physically. Recent research indicates that indoor pollution is increasingly a problem in our modern world, particularly in urban settings. The Blueair Blueair purifier with HEPA and carbon filter lets you breathe deeply.

Still not sure? We are happy to offer free expert advice
Give us a call or email us your questions. Our PureNature expert advisor are here to help.

Weight: 7 kg
length: 33 cm
width: 30 cm
Room size: 50 m²
Housing: Metall
height: 51,6 cm
air outlet: Oben
air intake: 360°
General Data
Filter change: 6 Monate
prefilter: Ja
filter number: 3
total separation efficiency: 99,97% >0,1 Mikron
Activated Carbon Filter: Ja (Variante)
CADR pollen: 590 m³/h
CADR smoke: 590 m³/h
CADR dust: 590 m³/h
Filter fineness: 0,1 Mikron
filter change indicator: Ja
HEPA filter: Ja
remote control: Nein
air quality sensor: Nein
Airflow: 620 m³/h
energy consumption: 30 - 61 W
power control: Manuell
power settings: 1 - 2 - 3
Volume level 2: 31 - 56 db(A)
handsets: 3
Volts: 230 V
Smartphone Steuerung: Nein
day- / night mode: Nein
child safety lock: Nein
timer: Nein
WLAN-fähig: Nein
casters: Nein

Property Value
filter technology ioniser, prefilter / HEPA, prefilter / HEPA / activated carbon
room size up to 30 m²
filtering purpose , ammonia, animal hair & hair, bacteria, dust mites / - droppings, Feinstaub, Formaldehyd, gasses (VOC), Gülle, harmful substances, house dust, moulds, odours (toilette, kitchen), ozone, particle, pet dander, pollen, smoke, solvent, toluol, benzene, Tabakrauch, tobacco smoke, toner dust, viruses
no filtering of CO2
operation site bedroom, cellar, children's room, home, hotel room, office, smoking room, waiting room
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